Certificates for Kids

Free printable award certificates for kids. These children’s certificates are perfect for teachers and parents. They can be used at home, in school, for sports achievements or for any other reason or occasion. We offer hundreds of different printable certificates that are free to download and print. No need to register and no limit. You can also use our certificate maker to make your own free customized certificates with photos of the kids. If you do not find the specific certificate that you are looking for then you can just use a certificate template and customize it to meet your needs. If you want a specific certificate that you don’t find here then please feel free to contact us or comment below. We will make the certificate that you are looking for free of charge!

childrens certificates

Children's Certificates

sports certificates

A selection of awards for achievement or participation in sports.

Tooth fairy certificate

Tooth fairy certificate, letter and receipts.

school certificates and awards

A selection of certificate templates for teachers, students and parents.

Certificates for Kids to Award

Teacher award

Teacher appreciation awards.

Greatest mom certificates

Let mom know how special she is.

Printable awards

Let dad know how special he is.

first day of school

Give to students on the first day of school. You can also add their photo.

Certificates for Teachers

Use for a spelling bee or for spelling competitions or tests at school.

sports certificates

A selection of awards for achievement or participation in sports.

Good behavior award

Good behavior certificates with or without a photo. We also have a British version for Good Behaviour.

good job award

A selection of school certificates for good job, effort, student of the week and many many more...

perfect attendance certificate

Attendance award certificates for perfect attendance and other classroom awards.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is…

Find a Template

Select a certificate template from this page or from any other page on this site.

Edit the Text

Edit the text and add a photo if you want one.


Download the certificate and/or print.


The Mr Men Curious George Donald Duck
 Angry Birds  Cinderella  Butterfly

 Customize with Watermark

Customize without Watermark

Customize Customize
 Batman  Spiderman  Snow White
 Customize  Customize
 Shrek  Sonic  Mr Brave
 Customize  Customize
 Power Ranger  Superman  Mutant Ninja Turtle
 Customize  Customize  Customize
Mr Brave Power Ranger Superman
Customize Customize
Mutant Ninja Turtle Boots Bart Simpson
Customize Customize Customize
 Spongebob  Cars  Toy Story
 Customize  Customize  Customize
Dora the Explorer Tom and Jerry Smurf
Customize Customize Customize
Kung Fu Panda 101 Dalamations Garfield
Customize Customize Customize
Snoopy Winnie the Pooh Harry Potter
Customize Customize Customize
Hannah Montana Mickey Mouse Bratz
Customize Customize Customize
School Award Barbie Hello Kitty
Customize Customize Customize

 Pirate Certificates

Certificates for Kids

Children love to be praised and awarded. They strive to impress others and are thrilled when their achievements are noticed and recognized. Recognition comes in many forms. Children can be praised, receive certificates or even gifts. Praise is something that should always be given but it doesn’t last forever. Children also love tangible forms of recognition. If you buy children a gift or award each time they do something deserving you might land up having to deal with other behavioral issues. Firstly, they start expecting to receive a present every time they do something worthy. Secondly, when things come too easily they stop appreciating things. Award certificates are perfect solutions. They are a great tangible and symbolic way to say “Well done! You have done a great job! Keep it up!”.

 What are the advantages of certificates for kids?

  • Encourage and motivate children.
  • Boost children’s confidence.
  • Remind you to praise kids.

  What can these award certificates be used for?

  • Good behavior
  • Being brave at the dentist
  • Doing chores at home
  • Succeeding at something that was challenging
  • Accomplishment in school
  • Excelling in sport (or even just trying for those who need more motivation)
  • Participation
  • They can be used by the tooth fairy (if you prefer these to the tooth fairy certificate available on this site)
  • They can be used for kids who do their homework over a specific period of time (for those who need to be motivated to get it done)
  • For kids who do all of their chores
  • For ballet achievements
  • Sport achievements
  • Certificate of appreciation
  • Certificate of achievement
  • For siblings for getting along with each other
  • If your little superhero has successfully completed a mission of his own (like tidying his room all week, being very kind to his brother or sharing with a friend) then why not give him a Superman, Spiderman or Batman certificate!
  • For any other achievement…

Please let us know what you used these for! We would love to hear from you!


  1. You guys should make santa ones!!

    • Emma Laurin says:

      I like all of them.
      But I am looking for a Graduation Certificate for toddlers who are now become a preschooler and are leaving the toddler room. Moving up and on. In a daycare centre.
      Just a little remembrance from me. I would be greatly appreciated if yous could help me.

  2. Melody Boyer says:

    I am the Health/Nutrition Coordinator for Head Start program that serves 204 children. We have a dental incentive program and are wanting to give out certificates that states that the child has completed his/her dental work and now belongs to our Head Start Dental Incentive Program. I am wanting dental related certificates, do you have any suggestions? ThankYou.

    • Hi Melody!
      If you send me the text that you would like to appear on the certificates then I would be happy to make them for you.
      Let me know if you have a logo and I can put it on for you too.

  3. I am also looking for the same. I work in a kindy :). Thanks.

  4. susan charlap says:

    I would like an award certificate based on Starwars and one based on tennis .The tennis should be that the player is ” a good server” and a good competitor.

  5. Zahwa Azizah says:

    i want the Spongebob,thanks 🙂

  6. skylanders ceretifacates

  7. Carolyn Nell says:

    Love your certificales. How can I put name etc from computer rather then handwritten. Not to good with computers

  8. i absolutely love the mr men certificates. could you make miss clever/cheerful etc as well??

  9. Going to use these at the end of the semester for great effort in speech therapy!

  10. Angela Terry says:

    I am looking for a “Superhero” theme award for our gymnasts. We are going to have a summer theme of Superhero but would like to incorporate gymnastics. Do you think that you could make something like that. They are all girls.

  11. I am looking for a Harry Potter certificate to give out to a girl who will be attending Take Your Daughters & Sons to Work Day on Thurs 4-23-15. I try to personalize the certificates by the child’s interest but am having a hard time with this one. hope you can help me.

  12. jacquie says:

    I am looking for a bravery certificate with the Minions and Elsa from Frozen on

  13. hi, thank you so much for such a super super super service!! you helped so much, I teach small kids and its such an encouragement, I just want a very special request, please make a ‘star of the week’ certificate for me, it will really be appreciated

  14. Youve got Superman,Batman & Spiderman but no Wonder Woman, Super Girl or Batgirl! Why,whats with that!? I’m looking for Wonder Woman!

  15. Uma Varsani says:

    Hi. We run a Rocket Club with 3 levels. Would love to give the kids a certificate for each level. Any suggestions please? Thanks!!

    • I think that these certificate templates will be the easiest to work with and you can use different text for each level.
      You can also add your own photo if you have a logo or a photo related to your Rocket Club.

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