Valentine’s Day Gift Certificates

Valentine's Day Gift Certificates
Valentine Gift Certificates

The following free printable gift certificates can be used on Valentine’s Day or anytime during the year to give someone you love a special gift. Each gift certificate can be personalized with our free certificate maker. These gift certificates are particularly useful when the gift is not tangible or when you do not yet have the gift but will be giving it at a later stage. Perfect for those who forget to buy a Valentine’s Day gift and need a quick lifesaver! If you already have a gift you can still use these gift vouchers to add a little something. Just fill in the details and the gift certificate is ready!

If you already have a gift and you are looking for a greeting card then you might find our Valentine’s Day Certificates and Greeting Cards more appropriate.

Gift certificate

Wording: Gift Certificate – Dear _ this certificate entitles you to _   love _  date _ signature _ .

Description: White background with a pink frame and a heart formed out of pink petals.

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Personalized Gift Certificate

Add your own photo and customize the text. You can change any/all of the text.

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Gift Voucher

Wording: Gift Certificate – Dear _ this certificate entitles you to _   love _  .

Description: White border with a red frame and a red ribbon with pink hearts and bigger hearts cut out of the ribbon.

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Valentine gift certificate

Wording: Gift Certificate – To _ This certificate entitles you to _   from _  date _ signature _ .

Description: White background with a pink ribbon frame and pink hearts scattered around the certificate.

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3 Valentine Gift Certificates (two red and one white - all with hearts)

Three gift certificates on one page.

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If you find yourself without a Valentine’s Day gift then just print a gift certificate and fill in any gift. Your Valentine won’t even know that you forgot. Need ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts? Here are a few: a backrub, dinner at the restaurant of your choice, the remote control is yours for the next week/year, breakfast in bed, etc.


  1. These are wonderful, thank you. I think the idea of doing something nice for a loved one is far better than an expensive gift.

    Commenting via the Pin-It Party Linky (littleboo_21)

  2. I tried to one but I didn’t get the procedures, plz send me page of mother’s day certificate.
    I’m Gabriel Much from South Sudan, i’ll be great full in advance, thanks.

  3. I see only examples not the real certificate form, please send me the form procedures…

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